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Biological products

Biological products Az. Agricola Azdora 
Via Vangaticcio, 14 (Loc. Madonna dell'Albero) - 48100 - Ravenna
tel.: 0544.497669 - fax: 0544.497669
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Biological products Az. Agricola Azdora

The Agricultural Company "L'Azdora", beyond that to be a wellnamed farm holidays in the proximity of Ravenna, offers also to buy fruits and produced the possibility from biological agriculture.

Biological products Az. Agricola Azdora

They are available also derives to you like conserves, marmellate, fruit juices, verdure and naturally the wines.

Biological products Az. Agricola Azdora

All can pass near "the Azdora" in order to touch with hand this agricultural truth, lead from the Tondini family.


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