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Access keys

An accessible site should allow users to visit pages in a fast and intuitive way. For this reasons, some useful shortcuts have been set, especially for people that can not or do not want to use the mouse.

If you're using Internet Explorer, after pressing the accesskey, you must press Return to activate the link.

In a Macintosh OS you should use the CTRL key, instead of th ALT one.

Portal' s accesskeys are:

  • Alt + 1 : Home
    Enable link to portal' s Home page
  • Alt + 2 : News
    Enable link to the News section
  • Alt + 3 : Search
    Focus is positioned in the edit box for Search
  • Alt + 4 : Localities
    Enable link to the localities page


In case your screen reader shows problems during the navigation of the page, please force it not to read FLASH elements.



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